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The bearded dragon guide guides.Bearded dragons are known for being voracious eaters which is why it can be very worrisome when they go off their food this may or may not be a problem – some dragons are picky and moody. Melissa kaplan s herp care collection last updated january 1 2014 dragons down under the inland bearded dragon ©1994 2000 melissa kaplan. Bearded dragon care sheet and information on pet lizard bearded dragons cage habitat tank setup food feeding health breeding bearded dragon pet care tips. Bearded dragon diet food nutrition a bearded dragon s diet is vital to keeping him or her healthy and active feeding bearded dragons can seem complicated however by following the easy guidelines below you will be able to keep your bearded dragon healthy and happy. Selecting a good bearded dragon is not difficult in the ideal case the bearded dragon we purchase from the pet store breeders or internet should be happy and healthy when ready to bring it home. Enclosures and supplies bearded dragons are native to the arid desert regions of australia thus enclosures must be warm and dry below is a detailed list of supplies you will need to properly set up an enclosure for your bearded dragon. A guide to feeding a bearded dragon and the food and diet requirements of the lizard. Bearded dragon description the bearded dragon s scientific name is pogona vitticeps and they are medium sized lizards which are generally 12 24 inches in length from their head to the tip of their tail there are many different bearded dragon colors see all the different colors bearded dragons can be which sometimes can help tell you what environment they came from. “bearded dragon secret manual” the manual pet shop owners breeders don’t want you to know about i’m serious when i say pet shop owners and professional breeders don’t want you to know about my secret manual. The bearded dragon guide comparison

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